Making sense of your 23andme results.

More and more folks are getting genetic testing done using a saliva sample and the service from  It's fun to poke around on the site and learn about your ancestry and even find DNA relatives (if you choose to this option) - but many folks are asking me "now what?" Because the 23andme… Keep reading>

Adrenal Fatigue – Signs and Symptoms

The most obvious sign of adrenal fatigue is of course, fatigue. The kind of exhaustion that comes with AF is of a special sort, and it can be confusing and frustrating. Let me explain. If you’re a person who’s experienced fatigue, then you know that there are different flavors. The type that comes with AF,… Keep reading>

Adrenal Fatigue – My Story

  My Story I experienced moving from Stage 2 to Stage 3 adrenal fatigue very quickly. When our family was living in Maui several years ago I was working in a high-stress job, and was putting in many long hours. I had a wonderful boss and was grateful for the job, but many parts of… Keep reading>

Food Sensitivity Testing – What Does It All Mean?

Have you noticed how everyone is suddenly "allergic" to everything? Whether they're gluten free, or dairy free, or seemingly "everything free" food allergies and sensitivities are on the rise. While some allergies are very obvious, and leave you swelling up like a balloon, other more subtle signs of food reactions are much harder to figure… Keep reading>