To maximize the effectiveness of your time, I ask that you fill out several forms before we talk.
This allows me to review your health history, concerns and current food journal and have
specific recommendations ready at our first appointment.

There are 4 steps you will need to complete before we schedule our first appointment. You can
access each of these pages at the link below, or by clicking on the “forms” menu at the top of this
page, and selecting the item you want out of the sub-menu.

  1. Take the Nutri-Q assessment. This is done through a separate website, and will provide
    me with in-depth information on your current physical symptoms.
  2. Complete the Confidential Health Interview. This will tell me about your health history
    and what you are looking to gain from working with me.
  3. Sign the Informed Consent and Disclaimer form.
  4. Keep a 3 day food journal, and provide me with your findings.

Once you have completed these 4 steps, you can schedule your appointment for our first consultation.

I look forward to working with you!