Making sense of your 23andme results.

More and more folks are getting genetic testing done using a saliva sample and the service from  It’s fun to poke around on the site and learn about your ancestry and even find DNA relatives (if you choose to this option) – but many folks are asking me “now what?”

Because the 23andme test gives you results on about 600,000 of your genes, you need a way to sort this information and narrow it down to a set of results you can make sense of.

Interpretation Websites

There are several third party sites which use your raw data and give you information about specific genes. The instructions I’m providing today are for using the Livewello app, which is the one I like best for making sense of your 23andme results.

Step 1 – Log into your account, click on your name (upper right corner) click “browse raw data” and a new page will load. On this second page, under your name you will see a button for Download Data. Click this and your entire genome data file will download to your computer.




Step 2 – Visit and set up an account. Once you have your account set up and you are logged in, follow the instructions in the video below. It will cost $20 to use the app. This is a one time fee which allows you to run many different reports against your raw DNA.

Step 3 – Share your results with your practitioner. You can copy the link at the top of your Standard Variance Report and email the link to your practitioner. If you are working with me, you can use my code to share your results with me. My link is: 

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